November 20, 2013

From Miss to Mrs.

my old diary entries looked a little something like this:" omg dear diary I'm so sorry i've left you sitting all alone for six months, I promise i'll never do it again." entry.. "omg, i did it again! a whole year has past. I have so much to write down!"..and so on - I'm not really a punctual person, when it comes to keeping my promises; but - i'm keeping this last one, that  I made on a lovelly summery weekend September of 2012.
Never in a trillion years have I imagined that at the age of 21, I'd be marrieds - happiness is the word of the year - HAPPINESS!
I was a not so cute little girl, so imagine my surprise when puberty striked!?
guys started noticing me, girls wanted to be my friends, i had non-family  phone numbers in my cell phone..weirdness! by the time i was 18 years old, I kind of got use to an idea that I was some how PRETTY and HOT, sometimes both - well, not that  there ever was a time when I strutted my "stuff" , but - it had a nice ring to it..didn't it?!
So about 2 years ago I meet this guy, "the husband", and he went on and on and on on how hot and amazing and sexy and exotic and blahBlahBlah I am - sometimes I wished he'd never stop and then sometimes - well let's just say that he was tad annoying and overboard..his timing was a bit of in moments - example: we were sitting in a bar,or a pub if you will, and suddenly he stopped talking and I felt his eyes locked on me, like I was a target, so I looked at him - because he was eyeing me, and I asked him what's wrong - I was a bit worried I had something on my face, but no - I was just so beautiful that he just had to stop talking and "take my beauty in"..creepy much?! :/
as the months went bye, he cooled down on the whole "creeper" thing - so naturally, I married him :)
Mr. & Mrs. Oh'Bell
Happy Happy Happy - so happy :D
now, leave me be, I'm going to cuddle with the hubby :)
keep in touch-xoxo

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