November 26, 2013

Confusing as PHUCK! pardon my French..

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If you see me writing on this blog you need to know that my real blog site is Phucking with my mind..
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the domain sometimes just isn't prepared to work.. the people who made the site have released a post telling us users tat they're having some difficulties with servers..but come on guys!! work!!!

So please be patient and do know that I don't like this blog's confusing as PHUCK!!

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November 20, 2013

Tuna spread + facts about SeaFood

Imagine: you are a passionate carnivore and you are living with your arch nemesis - proud vegetarian! O_o #saywhat?!
My husband has been a "plant eater" for the past 6 years or so.  He doesn't mind me eating dead animals which,between you and me would be such a deal breaker if he had problems with it, but he even cooks my meat for me sometimes..well not exactly "my meat"..that just came out wrong O_o
It's difficult sometimes too cook a meal that we both could enjoy. Don't get me wrong I adore veggies, but I can't live just of some greens everyday. For me Seafood is an alternative for meat and just one of the best things brought from the sea  #captainObvious..oh yes, there are other thing brought from the sea (mermaids ftw!)
Their are millions and billions ideas to put in a pot or pan and to pamper yourself on a regular bases with seafood..Plus, ladies listen now, seafood is a Protein produce and rich in omega3 acids, which quickens your metabolism and also does wonders for your skin, hair, etc.. Also, their are no carbs in seafood which means no unnecessary fatty acids  for your body..Let me put it in terms that everyone can understand: seaFood=good stuff & no "muffin tops" :) 
Even if you mix seafood with other food groups  like Carbohydrates (bread, spaghetti,...)Starchy products (potatoes, rice,...) or Dairy products (milk, cheese,...) it's not necessarily as bad for your body as those same categories would be mixed together (protein and Starch or Carbs and Dairy, ect...)!
So what I'm trying to say is, that  living with a "GreensLover" isn't so bad..But I do need an occasional steak :p
Sorry for the long explanation, hope you learned something ;)
on to the recipe..
2 × cans of tuna
2 teaspoons of margerine
4 tablespoons of mayonaisse
dash of parsley
1 small onion (chopped)
Mix the ingredients together with a fork or a blender and leave it in the fridge for approx. 10 minutes, so the juices mix together #visualdiscription. Spread it evenly over the bread slices and enjoy!
yummie delights
now I know that this isn't equal to a proper big meal but it's just s good that I had to share it :p
Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

SeaFood Spaghetti

I like food, but i LOOOOVE <3 :* :* <3 SeaFood.. Clams, prawns, scampi, calamari, tuna, trout, bass, salmon, ...You name it, I'll eat it..except those snake like fishes..those are just nasty to look at!!
nasty as phuck
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Moving on.. I want to share a recipe with you!
SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI: recipe for 2 servings
a fist full of spaghetti
pinch of salt
dash of red paprika
tomato sauce
bag of frozen sea food goodies :)
Cook the spaghetti in salted water and then drain them under cold water.
Take a bag of Sea food and put them in the same pot you used to cook the pasta in. Cover it with a lid and wait approx. 10 minutes.. when the sea food starts "melting" add a tablespoon of oil and don't cover it up with the lid. Leave it to melt and cook for another 10-15minutes on a normal fire.. If t starts to burn the sea food than lower the fire and add more oil.You need to make sure that they are cooked all the way trough!!
ain't nobody got time for food poisoning!! :P
When you're sure that they are cooked (honestly it's better if you over cooked them than under..), add tomato sauce, basil and paprika the same pot with the see goodies and stir on medium fire. When the boiling bubbles hit you all over your face, add spaghetti.. #justkidding or am I?! :P
No, but honestly, when the bubbles appear add pasta and stir some more.. Last but not least turn the fire off and serve on a nice Tuscany Styled plate.. :p #lovelyVisualDiscription    
yummie delights

Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

computer is not responding..

You can skip this post if you aren't interested in my life.. #saywhat?!
A few weeks ago my home computer crashed and I was lost in space for a few hour, because my morning involve large amount of coffee and internet "research" #welcometotheinternet :)
I got it fixed and it worked fine until two days ago.. The damn, #pardonmyfrench, thing bailed on me again..
I don't mean to sound like a "RichBeetch" but,  #hiddencurseword  
I own my own laptop, my husband also owns a laptop and I kind of got a house computer from a job, that I used too work at, as "payment" #greyeconomy  ..
so I do have like, other computers to fix and nurture my obsession with but, the thing is that my PC has a ton of music on it and pictures and documents that I just can't live without..Plus I edit my videos on it. Not only I don't have many videos on my channel ( <-- CLICK ME!!), because I'm lazy, I also can't edit them even if I had them..
And I know I could probably edit them in "MovieMaker" but come on..I'm a professional!! #technologicallychallenged
#don't judge :S
I'm sorry for ranting on about my personal drama, but I need to share it with someone and it might ass well be the internet :)
I hope I didn't scare you guys away, Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

Fall bucket list #1 - bake Pies

..and so it begins. I promised and I am here to deliver.
I started with a big dose of enthusiasm and ended up with an afternoon full of flour, carved apples and left over apple juice :P
The pie came out better then my expectation, which, let's face it, were somewhere between the floor and my foot! =P #visualdescription :p
They say practice makes perfect, and I'll just leave that to the professionals..because I was pleased with it.
step the box and follow the instructions...hehehehehhe..JUST KIDDING! :| #amI?
Seriously that thought did come to mind, but then I remembered that my Grandma gave me a book of her recipe, which she wrote by hand each and every one ( I'll cherish it forever :') ) and gave it to me for my wedding present. #fellingemotional we go!
1 × egg
6 spoons of milk
1/2 of a margarine
2 hands full of sugar
1× baking powder
flour if necessary
It's quite simple, you just mix the ingredients all together with a mixer and then add flour when and if necessary, be careful not to over add it otherwise it will start to fall apart. When the dough gets harder to mix with a mixer continue with hands and then roll it out with a roller. Cut approximately 2 cm  of the dough away for décor. Lay it in a pie tray and even it out by hand. Make sure it doesn't go over the tray - at least 1cm lower then the rim!
1 kg apples (grate and squeeze the excess juice out)
1 fist full of sugar
3× table spoon of cinnamon
2× table spoon of bread crumbs
Mix all together, add more sugar or cinnamon if needed. Pour ingredients over the laid dough in the tray. Even it out! Take the 2cm dough that you cut away and start cutting stripes and covering it over the filling.
Set oven to 180°C and bake for app. 30 minutes
Bon apetit!
Yummie Yummie
If you'll bake it by my grandma's recipe, let me know how it came out! :p
Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo