November 20, 2013

DIY presents

Hei monsters!
a few weeks ago it  was my B-day.. I turned 22, wut-wut! :)
I did not celebrate it this year, because I did not feel like it! I just to have this tradition and celebrate my B-day every yeard, right on the day I was born an I would light sparkles on the exact hour that I poped out of my mom..(i love you!! <3 )
So no party - no presents!! :( Is it bad that I felt bad because I didn't get any presents? Should only little kids get presents?? *confused* :P
Any who, one of my bestes friends recently gave me a present: a PinaTa cookie! and it's multicolored!!
Sweet present
I love to DIY and I love recieving DIY presents.. MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!love you M!!
watcha think??
keep in touch- xoxoxLu

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