November 20, 2013

"Omelette" you finish

I love summer!
Swimming and sun tanning, shopping at the "bazar" and drinking cocktails by the marine, the smell of lavender and the taste of salty skin..
Oh summer, why must you end so soon!!
Fave summer recipe of 2013!
EGG OMELETTE : (4 person serving)
6× eggs
1 dcl milk
2 cups of flour
fillings by choice:
cheese, ham, paprika, tomato, ketchup, mayonese
salt, pepper, chilly powder...
mix the ingredients together (eggs, flour, milk) and add a dash of salt and pepper and pour into a hot pan.
when a "crepe" is done on one side, fill the undone side with fillings only on one side of the "crepe" and cover it like a "calzone" .
Bon Apetite!
yummie Lunch at the sea side
mmmm :)
keep in touch!
love, Lu-xoxox

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