November 20, 2013

Face paint shopping

I recently got a gig at a kindergarten to paint kids faces.. I've been really stressing about which face paint should I be using, since their skins is so sensitive..and because I didn't want any angry moms knocking on my door for damaging their kid :S #realworld
So Last Monday I went face paint shopping with a friend (Hi Eve :P )..Their wasn't much to choose from and plus the paints are a little priceier then I imagined #brokeass
But thank God they are an awesome quality and they're water based, which means you can easily washed them off with just some soap and water!! Yeeey for me #success
If you're buying face paint for the first time, here are some pointers:
 - Both water based and cream based FPs (face paints :P ) are easily removable=soap+water or makeup remover :P
- If your skin is acne prone It's better if you'd use a water base FPs = I got major break outs from a cream FPs :S
- Some colours come more alive then other & some are more determined to stay on
 - Before doing the whole body or face painting, try the paint out  = allergic reactions aren't fun .
I hoped I helped :p
..oh here are the colors Igot :P .. I got them at Magic Shop in BTC - Ljubljana (sLOVEnija)
Professional Aqua Paint
I also bought RedYellow and Orange! halloween inspired ofcourse :P
..keep in touch for my next Posts!!
love Lu-xoxo

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