November 20, 2013

Face painting

So in my last post I told you about my FPs shopping experience and now I'm here with what I created with them on the kids... yeeeeey #success
Before showing you the pics I just wanted to show what my inspo was.
We all know about pinterest, right??! well, I was obsessively looking almost every day for inspo and here are just a few on my pinterest board (if you want to see it you are going to have click thiiiis-->) HI!
so, as promised :) here are my works of art!
Hello Kitty
Little miss Flutter Wings :) little lady Butterfly
Now because there were 40kids to paint and only 2hours to do it, I didn't have the time to take the picture from all of the creations.
I practised at home before I went working, just to see how long I take for a single look.. So for those of you who are new at this, or have the intention to try it, it's really easy and quick. Just let your imagination do the talking :)  #inspirationoquote
This is what I practised
Rose Garden
Pumpkin head
So, whatca think?1 Let me know
keep in touch, Love Lu -xoxo

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