November 20, 2013

computer is not responding..

You can skip this post if you aren't interested in my life.. #saywhat?!
A few weeks ago my home computer crashed and I was lost in space for a few hour, because my morning involve large amount of coffee and internet "research" #welcometotheinternet :)
I got it fixed and it worked fine until two days ago.. The damn, #pardonmyfrench, thing bailed on me again..
I don't mean to sound like a "RichBeetch" but,  #hiddencurseword  
I own my own laptop, my husband also owns a laptop and I kind of got a house computer from a job, that I used too work at, as "payment" #greyeconomy  ..
so I do have like, other computers to fix and nurture my obsession with but, the thing is that my PC has a ton of music on it and pictures and documents that I just can't live without..Plus I edit my videos on it. Not only I don't have many videos on my channel ( <-- CLICK ME!!), because I'm lazy, I also can't edit them even if I had them..
And I know I could probably edit them in "MovieMaker" but come on..I'm a professional!! #technologicallychallenged
#don't judge :S
I'm sorry for ranting on about my personal drama, but I need to share it with someone and it might ass well be the internet :)
I hope I didn't scare you guys away, Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

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