November 20, 2013

Fall bucket list #1 - bake Pies

..and so it begins. I promised and I am here to deliver.
I started with a big dose of enthusiasm and ended up with an afternoon full of flour, carved apples and left over apple juice :P
The pie came out better then my expectation, which, let's face it, were somewhere between the floor and my foot! =P #visualdescription :p
They say practice makes perfect, and I'll just leave that to the professionals..because I was pleased with it.
step the box and follow the instructions...hehehehehhe..JUST KIDDING! :| #amI?
Seriously that thought did come to mind, but then I remembered that my Grandma gave me a book of her recipe, which she wrote by hand each and every one ( I'll cherish it forever :') ) and gave it to me for my wedding present. #fellingemotional we go!
1 × egg
6 spoons of milk
1/2 of a margarine
2 hands full of sugar
1× baking powder
flour if necessary
It's quite simple, you just mix the ingredients all together with a mixer and then add flour when and if necessary, be careful not to over add it otherwise it will start to fall apart. When the dough gets harder to mix with a mixer continue with hands and then roll it out with a roller. Cut approximately 2 cm  of the dough away for décor. Lay it in a pie tray and even it out by hand. Make sure it doesn't go over the tray - at least 1cm lower then the rim!
1 kg apples (grate and squeeze the excess juice out)
1 fist full of sugar
3× table spoon of cinnamon
2× table spoon of bread crumbs
Mix all together, add more sugar or cinnamon if needed. Pour ingredients over the laid dough in the tray. Even it out! Take the 2cm dough that you cut away and start cutting stripes and covering it over the filling.
Set oven to 180°C and bake for app. 30 minutes
Bon apetit!
Yummie Yummie
If you'll bake it by my grandma's recipe, let me know how it came out! :p
Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

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