November 20, 2013

SeaFood Spaghetti

I like food, but i LOOOOVE <3 :* :* <3 SeaFood.. Clams, prawns, scampi, calamari, tuna, trout, bass, salmon, ...You name it, I'll eat it..except those snake like fishes..those are just nasty to look at!!
nasty as phuck
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Moving on.. I want to share a recipe with you!
SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI: recipe for 2 servings
a fist full of spaghetti
pinch of salt
dash of red paprika
tomato sauce
bag of frozen sea food goodies :)
Cook the spaghetti in salted water and then drain them under cold water.
Take a bag of Sea food and put them in the same pot you used to cook the pasta in. Cover it with a lid and wait approx. 10 minutes.. when the sea food starts "melting" add a tablespoon of oil and don't cover it up with the lid. Leave it to melt and cook for another 10-15minutes on a normal fire.. If t starts to burn the sea food than lower the fire and add more oil.You need to make sure that they are cooked all the way trough!!
ain't nobody got time for food poisoning!! :P
When you're sure that they are cooked (honestly it's better if you over cooked them than under..), add tomato sauce, basil and paprika the same pot with the see goodies and stir on medium fire. When the boiling bubbles hit you all over your face, add spaghetti.. #justkidding or am I?! :P
No, but honestly, when the bubbles appear add pasta and stir some more.. Last but not least turn the fire off and serve on a nice Tuscany Styled plate.. :p #lovelyVisualDiscription    
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Keep in touch, Love Lu-xoxo

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