November 20, 2013

Memes run my Life

Morning! so I don't function well  throughout the day if I don't get my dose of coffee and some nice, long Gag in the morning :)
Okay, moving on.. The gag I was reffering to is  9gag (<-- click it!!)
The brilliant and apparently very lazy masterminds Ray Chan& Chris Chan launched this amazing piece of art in 2008 and now have over 6M fans, up-loads and well, I guess haters as well.. there is no record of that but I'm sure, or at least I guess that with every success there are just as many haters as there are worshippers..
#brilliantysaid #handsclappingtoomyself  #foreveralone :(
Okay I swear that was my last one..maybe :)
Why I think that Mr. Chan & the other Mr. Chan are lazy? Well it's actually simple-they launched the site and the followers do all the work for them. Perfect plan+perfect audience=perfect job! I guess that "Mother Inspiration" and "Father Planning skills" weren't around to jump in my head when I was born. #shemur
 All I got were "Second Cousin, Twice removed Silliness" and "Slow but feisty Aunt Awkwardness". What a match made in heaven :) #lovely visual
No, but seriously. I love that site! as you can see I am quite fluent in meme's and I do think that they are all work of art!
LoL :) one of my fave ones
What's your fave meme? or what's your fave meme site ..
let me know, Keep in touch- Love Lu -xoxo

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