November 20, 2013

Fall into style

Oh yes, The pun was intended!  and quite  successfully, I might add :)
Now I don't know about you but I already changed my wardrobe for this year. I pushed all the Summer clothes at the back of the closet and pulled the Autumn and Winter stuff up front. A whole day project #dedication.
Every time I go shopping for new wardrobe pieces I always, and I do mean always, go trough my current clothes to see what I need, what I can toss away and what could be "IN" but needs that "new belt to make it pop"..
Now, my husband hates shopping with me and I hate shopping alone, because as a former worker in retail I know all too much on how  these sale assistant depend on their commission and they would sell you the fugliest thing in the store  if they had to #frenemies
So on that note I always shop with my girls (Hi EVE, MASHA and KATI :) !)
I am a brutally honest shopping buddy and I expect the same from my shopping entourage..
As most girls, when i set my mind on something I will buy it no matter the price tag..But I also ask my self:" Do I really need it?"  #smartypants
Colors of this season make me warm and fuzzy!
via Pinterest
My inspo Boards
Sexy Stripes
..and i think we all know that to make a killer outfit you need a Beetchy makeup :P #hiddencurseword
dark & Light
so watcha think about this years fall fashion style?? yay or nay??
keep in touch, love Lu -xoxo

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