November 20, 2013


Okay, so I don't know about you but there is just something about fall that makes me want to ..I don't know, just run around and kick the leaves into air! #inner-child
Fall isn't my fave season but I do like it, because it makes me silly and it kind of makes me make more time for my family and friends! It's a perfect  get together season #quality-time
~Roasting chestnut
~Cracking walnuts
~Apple Pie
~Spiced wine
~Coloured Leaves
~Warm Coates and Boots
~Crackling of the wood in the Fireplace
Although autumn is the season in which school starts and  temperature falls bellow 20°C, it's still one of the most whimsical and fantasy-like period of the year.
I was Browsing trough Pinterest and came across a fun and lovely Bucket list for Fall:
adorable and fun Bucket List
So I decided To make it happen!! I shall do every single thing on this Bucket List.. I swear!  and I will post everything here-maybe not in an exact order of the list, but I shall try..yes, I Shall :) #posh
I do know that one of the things on the list won't be done and that is : GO TRICK-OR-TREATING; just because of the fact that it's not a custom to do that in sLOVEnija (my country) this time of year.we do that at the end of winter and we call it PUST (pronouce: Poost) or >MAŠKARE (pronounce: mash-kah-rae); a masquerade holiday where we dress up in fictional characters that scare cold weather and winter away and welcome spring and warm weather in.. Lovely pagan holiday :)
We do celebrate Halloween as well, but we call it The Night Of the Witches (NOČ Čarovnic) and we don't really make that big of a deal out of it. We mostly have it because of the partys at which people get mortal (drunk , pissed..U get my point :P )
..sorry for the long explanation, If you read it all- well then, go out and have a life :p
Just kidding!
So what's your fave thing about this fall and will you do the list with me?
as always, keep in touch, love Lu -xoxo

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